Honda Wave110i 2019

Honda Wave110i 2019

From the popular family car Wave 110i [Honda Wave 110i] in 2020. Prices start at forty thousand. New Honda Wave110i is easy to drive. Super fuel-efficient. Available in 3 types and 9 shades.

Honda emphasizes leadership. The number one most popular family car with the launch of the New Wave 110i . The latest two-tone colors. Under the concept of “Happiness exceeds every corner of life” focusing on bright, warm With new color matching on beautiful graphics More active than before Peace of mind with all 4-stroke engine, 110 cc. PGM-FI injector, fuel economy of up to 59.9 km / liter

The new Wave110i stands out with a new heart shaped LED headlight set. Gives brightness wider and farther. With modular turn signals Visible clearly day and night. Tail light tail light. New design as well. Sleek, bright, visible from all angles. More clearly, even at a distance With a reflector on the bottom Confident in all driving conditions With a cushion designed for ergonomic comfort for both the driver and the pillion

The new Honda Wave110i also comes with a Key Shutter installed to enhance the confidence of the driver or owner. With a safety key switch with a curtain closing the keyhole

The new Honda Wave 110i speedometer, eye-catching design Which has been redesigned and separated perfectly See details clearly day and night. Complete with all the functions necessary to drive, including speed, distance, fuel level Gear position Various warning lights With the Wave logo symbol of happiness in every path

The multi-purpose storage space under the seat (U-Box) of Wave110i 2020 is 7.4 liters. The design is perfect for storing luggage or belongings. And suitable for users’ lifestyles Whether it’s a camera, glasses, water bottle, etc. Just that, it can fill every happiness. Travel now

New Honda Wave 110 i comes with a single-stroke 4-stroke engine with 109.17 cc., SOHC valve system with fuel injection system. Cooled by air Multiple layers of wet clutches stacked The starter system has both hand-start and foot-start models. Transmission with 4 gears, fuel economy up to 59.9 km / liter (measured according to EURO3 standards by the Institute of Motor Vehicles) and also comes with a chain cover in a beautiful full Compact muffler Including increasing safety by installing heat-resistant metal from the exhaust pipe as well

Honda Wave 110 I 2020  is available in both alloy wheels and spokes wheels, easy to drive, stable, well with a front suspension with a telescopic version. The rear suspension is a swing arm. With dual spring shock absorbers Braking systems are available in front disc brakes + drum brakes and drum brakes. The wheels are 17 inches in size, with front tires fastened with 70 / 90-17 38P tires, rear wheels 80 / 90-17 50P. And absorbs vibrations well It also helps to make every drive to be stable. And able to control the car well

n addition, the New Wave110i also comes with Secure Lock – Stand. Easy to lock, convenient and instant. Just tighten the padlock for sure, absolutely safe.

Honda Wave 110i specification summary
• Engine: 4-stroke, 1 piston
• Valve system: SOHC
• Cylinder: 109.17 cc.
• Cylinder width x stroke: 50.0 x 55.6 (mm)
• Compression ratio: 9.3: 1
• Oil supply system: PGM-FI injector
• Cooling system: air cooled
• Clutch system: multiple wet discs overlapping
• Transmission: 4-speed gear transmission
• Ignition system: Advance computerized ignition control
• Engine start: Star foot and hand start + Foot start
• Fuel tank: 3.7 liters
• Fuel: unleaded petrol, gasohol 91, 95 and E20
• Frame: Backbone
• Suspension (front): Telescopic
• Suspension (rear): Swingarm
• Brake system (front): drum brake / disc brake
• Brake system (rear): drum brake
• Wheel: wire spokes / alloy
• Tire size (front): 70 / 90-17 M / C 38P
• Tire size (back): 80 / 90-17 M / C 50P

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