FAW BESTUNE T33 1.6I (116 HP) 6-CAR Specification

FAW BESTUNE T33 1.6I (116 HP) 6-CAR Specification

The #Bestune T33, is a small SUV from First Auto Works (#FAW) officially listed in China August 3 2019, The new car launched total of 12 models, with price range of 69,800-99,800 yuan (~US$10,059 – US$14,383) in China market. 

The Bestune T33 car continues the brand’s new “light and shadow ” design concept, and will be equipped with D-Life 4.0 intelligent network connection system. It is powered by a 1.6L naturally aspirated engine and matched with a 5-speed manual or a 6 AT transmission from Aisin


Power hp .: 116
Curb weight (kg): 1345
Engine: 1.6i
Transmission Type: Automatic
Gearbox: 6-car
Gearbox company: FAW
Cylinder arrangement: Rowing
Number of seats: 5
Height, mm: 1680
Fuel consumption (mixed cycle), l. per 100 km: 7.1
Number of gears: 6
Length, mm: 4330
Maximum speed, km / h: 168
Engine type: ICE
Wheelbase (mm): 2600
Fuel Type: Petrol
Width, mm: 1780
Engine displacement, cc: 1598
Torque, Nm: 155
Drive: Front
Number of cylinders: 4
Number of valves: 16
Faw Bestune T33

All trim levels Bestune T33 2019FAW Bestune T33 1.6i (116 HP) 5-fur


The design elements are entirely inherited from Bestune T77, grille and the new LED headlights combination look very sharp. Of course, the new “Window of the World” LOGO is also embedded in the center of the grille. At the same time, the front bumper of the new car has been redesigned, the lines of the lower air intake extend to both sides and are bent upwards.

In terms of body size, Bestune T33 has a length, width and height of 4330/1780/1680mm, and the wheelbase is consistent with Bestune X40, which is 2600mm.

The side of the body is compact, and the waist line and raised wheel eyebrows look more muscular and paired with 18-inch tires. It’s positioned as a compact SUV.

Power & Drive

In terms of power, Bestune T33 will continue to use the 1.6L naturally aspirated four-cylinder engine on the current Bestune X40 with maximum output of 114 ps and peak torque of 155 Nm. Transmission is expected to continue to pair the current 5-speed manual or 6-speed AMT gearbox from Aisin.


In terms of interiors, the Bestune T33 adheres to the design concept of “ring, thin, light and hanging”.

The large area of the center console and the door panel is wrapped with leather material, and the silver chrome material is used for decoration, which improves the quality.

The car features a three-spoke flat-bottomed steering wheel with chrome finishes that look very nice. In addition, the new car also uses a scientific and technological full LCD 3D naked eye dashboard and 10.25-inch central control LCD screen, but also equipped with D-Life 4.0 intelligent network connection system, the system’s “virtual assistant” YOMI can also be customized in advance.

The equipped D-Life 4.0 intelligent network connection system achieves hundreds kinds of intelligent electrical intelligence, the world’s first “private language customization” function: YOMI can complete the action by issuing an instruction, and can train YOMI according to preferences, completely private customization.

Power and suspension

The Bestune T33 is powered by a 1.6L naturally aspirated engine + 5MT or 6AT gearbox / rear torsion beam type non-independent suspension.

Maximum power of 114 ps, matching a 5-speed manual and a 6-speed AT transmission. Such power configuration is not so bright at present, but the post-maintenance cost of the 1.6L. The front McPherson / rear torsion beam suspension is also the mainstream and common in the segment of Chinese brand models.

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