Laikipia Bj-50, has a long way to go

Laikipia Bj-50, has a long way to go

The Kenya Export Promotion and Branding Agency announced a partnership with Sagak Auto Tech to produce locally manufactured cars manufactured.

The car company got the partnership through Kenya Export Promotion and government’s Branding Agency whose mission is to brand Kenya, export Kenyan products and build Kenya.

Innovation is good and so should the government institutions encourage the same, Car development have come a long way. Take Tesla for instance, back home technologically assemblers like KVM, GM; should we not borrow some exterior motivations.


A look at the all Kenyan build modern The Mobius II going for KES 1.3M

Nyayo Pioneer

What if we took off from where the Nyayo Pioneer had developed. The cars were not ugly.  The vehicle itself looked considerably,  far much better looking than a Datsun

They were not very slow. During the test runs, the cars could attain a speed of 120 km per hour, according to a project engineer who used to drive the cars along Mombasa Road to as far as Sultan Hamud.

The African Bulldog

Else The African Bulldog: Rumored to have had its production stalled due to lack of support, Engineer Heino of Heino Autoworks at Mtwapa Creek Mombasa lost hope of a vehicle that would have been the first and ultimate 4 x 4 made in Kenya. This 3-liter engine monster was made from locally available parts, steam pipes, and FIBERGLASS.

Volkswagen (Polo Vivo),

The competition setter; A five-door hatchback that is aimed at increasing dependence on locally made goods and to cut import costs.

This car is attractive and the cost is pockets friendlier without the struggle of having to wait for almost forever to get your car from the high seas. The Polo Vivo have an assembly plant in Thika and the car is on sale now starting at Sh1.65 million.

Laikipia BJ-50

The factory is based in Nyahururu, Laikipia County where all the assembly and production is will be with plans underway for mass production of the cars for global market.

The agency made the announcement in a statement on Wednesday, July 22, saying the partnership will open the door for the company to sell their cars beyond the country’s borders.

The Ministry of Trade Cabinet Secretary (CS) Betty Maina officially opened the Sagak Auto tech plant assembly line on Thursday, July 17.

Laikipia BJ-50 first hit headlines back in March 2019 when Laikipia County Government showcased two locally made cars at the Devolution Conference.

The car goes for about KSh 450,000 and has a capacity of seven passengers and achieves a maximum speed of 70km per hour.

The infamous automobile innovation was the butt of all jokes on social media in 2019 after it became a big hit at the 2019 Devolution Conference in Kirinyaga.

The Laikipia County Government promised to work closely with Nyahururu-based, self-trained innovator, Samuel Gatonye Kimani alias Njogu who had already received a dozen orders.

The car, however, received some backlash from Kenyans who claimed that it was overpriced with some likening it to smokie trollies.

With funding may be the Automobile industry will launch more creative prototypes in the coming days

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