How Much do you Know about Lucid Motors: Lucid Air in 2020

Lucid Motors will for sure bring major development and change on the EV(electric cars) sector following the new GC Jonathan Butler worked for Tesla not forgetting that the company’s CTO, Peter Rawlinson, is the former Tesla Model S chief engineer and had spent 24 years at Audi and oversaw annual production of 400,000 cars at the peak of his career. Lucid Motors, Inc. (formerly known as Atieva) is an American automotive company specializing in electric cars. The company was founded in 2007, and it is based in Newark, California. The company rebranded to Lucid Motors in…

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The Upgraded Kawasaki Z650

Kawasaki Z650

Aggressive meets supernaked with this ideal blend of sporty performance and everyday versatility. Featuring next-level technology and a strong 649cc engine, the Kawasaki Z650naked sportbike is a compact middleweight without equal Kawasaki Bikes: The big Japanese, Kawasaki, which has enjoyed a strong partnership with Bajaj Auto for decades released two of its finest motorcycles and is now planning to launch some more models. Known for their quality of parts and performance, Kawasaki products are truly world-class. The spirit of Z gets even better with the upgraded Kawasaki Z650. POWER &…

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2020 Nissan Frontier Pickup truck


The Nissan Frontier underwent a pretty huge change for 2020, though you’ll never spot it from the curb. The sheet metal is the same as it’s been since the model-year 2009 facelift, and much of the Frontier remains unchanged since the truck debuted for 2005. Everything big here is happening under the hood., this mini truck is the new all-new powertrain a powerful truck with a refined engine with a proven astute transmission. The 2020 Nissan Frontier Frontier Pickup Truck is a midsize pickup that is a blast from the…

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The Suzuki Samurai: History, Generations, Models


Suzuki Samurai History The Samurai was the first four-wheeled vehicle Suzuki, but its history begins nearly 20 years before the plucky little 4×4 made its way across the Pacific. In 1968, Japan’s Hope Motor Company introduced a small kei-class 4×4 with a 359cc Mitsubishi engine called the ON360. Suzuki bought Hope and developed the ON360 into the 1970 LJ10 (“Light Jeep”), also known as the Jimny. Suzuki introduced the second-generation Jimny in 1981, and in 1985 it began exporting the Jimny to other countries. as a 1986 model. Badged as…

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Its all EV Go for the Mazda with the New MX-30 Model

Mazda Mx30

It’s an all Go for the Mazda with the New MX-30 Model; with the first series of Mazda Electric car rolled out at the company Ujina factory in Japan. Mazda will be bringing its first all-electric vehicle to market soon in the form of the MX-30 SUV, which made its debut at the 2019 Tokyo auto show. The MX-30 is mainly for the home market and certain European market with the maximum car 200KM range being seen as inadiquate for the North America Market. The Mazda Crossover has a strong link…

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Of Tesla Production but How Much Does a Tesla Cost

model s, model 3, cybertruck, model x,

Tesla Resumed Production amidst covid 19 pademic closedown but really how much does a Tesla cost? Everyone knows they’re not cheap, but exactly how much does a Tesla cost? There’s a huge difference in price between the cheapest Tesla and the most expensive Tesla. The EV lineup works for a wide variety of budgets and expectations Since the first Tesla vehicle, the Roadster, hit California’s streets in 2008, the company has positioned itself as a serious contender in the future of transportation. It isn’t easy to talk about the world of electric vehicles (EVs) without Tesla…

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Revisiting 2019 Ford v Ferrari Movie

Ford-v-Ferrari, ford, feralli, Matt Damon, Christian Bale

With modest expectations so was the outcome of the 2019 Ford v Ferrari movie. Like car race like I do? guess its worth a revisit for the thriller on a 155 minutes journey as directed by James Mangold. About the expectations, adrenaline, the machine development and winning push all well delivered by Academy Award Winners Matt Damon and Christian Bale,’/;. Based on a true story, is about the restoration of a hidden hero—a race-car driver—to the prominence that history has denied him. It’s a superhero movie version of a real-life…

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The new 2020 DUCATI SCRAMBLER 1100 PRO is the little brother of the Ducati 1100 Sport PRO. This scrambler bike is designed in order to attract every eye on the street. Ducati is expanding the Scrambler 1100 range with a Pro series that includes improvements for the chassis and electronics. There are three Riding Modes on the 2020 Ducati Scrambler 1100 Sport Pro and Pro, designed to appeal to a broader range of users. The modes are named Active, Journey, and City. Full power is available in Active and Journey, with Active having…

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The Awesome of 1980’s, Worst Cars and the Perfect then

The DeLorean

The Awesome 1980s were a strange time for the automobile business as the industry transitioned from big rear-drive dinosaurs to smaller, trimmer, perfected fuel-injected front-drivers. Sure, we got some great cars in the 1980s—but we also got some truly terrible ones. Here we revisit some of the worst cars of the 1980s. 1980 General Motors X-Cars Then Fancy and the big thing on the road the Chevrolet Citation, Buick Skylark, Oldsmobile Omega and Pontiac Phoenix were meant to usher in a new era at GM, and they did—the era of Everything…

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6 of The Most Common Oil Change Questions


In order to keep your car running smoothly, it is important that you inspect and change your oil on a regular basis. Not sure how to change your car’s oil? That’s okay! Here are 6 vital questions and answers that will help you get through your next oil change: 1. When Should You Change Your Oil? First, you should take a look at your car manual for manufacturer recommendations. This is the most reliable source of information for any questions you have regarding your vehicle. So make a habit of…

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