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Atlis Motor vehicle is a firm based on the technology ecosystem on building the Electric Pickup Truck with No Compromises to empower lives without compromise. No charge delays, no range anxiety, no limitations and open for investment with $12,490,317 raised by 6567 investors worldwide. The share price at $18.88 with a minimum investment amount of $254.08.

Why Invest

ATLIS is revolutionizing battery technology from the ground up with the world’s first AMV Cube Cell, capable of charging from 0-100% in less than 15 minutes and providing consistent performance in any environment. ATLIS Energy, a stand-alone business unit with over $300 million in battery cell and pack commitments, enables us to reimagine what a work vehicle looks like with the ATLIS XT pickup truck and bring the future standard of vehicle capabilities to alternative mobility markets such as box trucks and emergency vehicles with the XP Platform.

The Altis Motor Vehicle investment funding is now at the third stage Reg A Round 1 having completed Reg CF Round 1 (The electric pickup truck), Reg CF Round 2; One More stage Reg CF Round 3 following up for the investment to develop a working prototype of our XT pickup truck

What Altis is all About

Altis is about changing the Electric experience; Electric without compromise


ATLIS is revolutionizing battery technology from the ground up and developing the AMV cell entirely in-house, reimagining what a work vehicle powered by our AMV technology should look like with the XT pickup truck, box trucks, and emergency vehicles with the XP Platform. All these capabilities disrupt and surpass the current standards of vehicle performance.  A battery capable of fully charging in 15 minutes with an AMV 1.5 Megawatt charging system on 15Minutes charge time.

ATLIS is developing energy solutions to facilitate the rapid adoption of electric vehicles with ultra-fast charging and range capabilities that redefine the standards of vehicle performance.​ Electric vehicles shouldn’t just be meeting the status quo, it should be about delivering a radically new driving experience. Current charging standards are fragmented, complicated, and time-consuming. The AMV battery cells and battery pack technologies are designed to provide a charging experience that is comparable to fueling up at the pump. It is everything charging should be: fast, affordable, and consistent charging from 0-100% in less than 15 minutes, in all conditions, and on Superior cell technology.

AMV battery technology is industry-leading and what unlocks the 15-minute charge time. AMV cube cells and packs will power 300, 400, and 500-mile range batteries with consistent performance regardless of conditions inside the ATLIS XP platform and XT pickup truck. The battery technology is able to push more power into the vehicle battery because of our ability to control the temperature of the battery. This combination of 1.5 MW and the ATLIS battery technology allows us to provide a charging experience comparable to what you’re used to at the gas station

ATLIS battery cells and packs can be utilized not only by residential customers but also by commercial customers who are looking for energy storage solutions like utility companies, big corporations, and even fleet-based businesses. In short, it’s for the entire ecosystem that powers your life. ATLIS energy storage solutions can provide fast charging capabilities to fleet vehicles but also sustainable power to businesses looking for backup solutions in the event of power outage from the grid or in the event of a natural disaster. What will ATLIS power do for you?


This is the technology that will allow aftermarket vehicle partners to electrify anything. he XP’s scalable technology allows it to carry a very large variety of different combinations without the need to design a new platform for each vehicle type – saving major costs, and most importantly, time.  

This XP platform, or “skateboard”, is the swiss army knife of vehicle chassis. It is both the base for the XT pickup truck and a stand-alone product intended for vehicle builders looking for a medium to heavy-duty electric platform. A truly plug-and-play modular solution that caters to the needs of box trucks, dump trucks, crane trucks, delivery vehicles, emergency response vehicles, or any other heavy duty vehicle configuration. With a 500-mile range, high payload and towing capable features, and the ability to scale from a Class 2b vehicle up to class 6 vehicle, the XP platform will give up-fitter vehicle manufacturers, RV manufacturers, and any heavy duty vehicle manufacturer the capability to do the work they need to accomplish with a chassis that can and will exceed the expectations for the workload.


This is a true work truck, everything you expect in a truck: it’s rugged, durable, and can perform in the most extreme conditions. This work truck is designed to maximize usability, storage, and passenger comfort. Get ready to meet the 100% electric ATLIS XT, a work truck powered by the ATLIS Energy and Platform technologies maximizing usability, passager comfort, and work capability.

The Vehicle Benefits

  • With the XT, you’ll be FULLY CHARGED IN 15 MINUTES

Buying a vehicle in the way you are used to means that you have to deal with many additional items on your own like insurance, financing, inspections, registrations, maintenance, and more. The ATLIS subscription will give you a starting rate of $700 which will include everything from warranty and maintenance, to charging and insurance costs. All in one consistent payment, negotiation-free and the flexibility to change or cancel at any time.

The XT has a unique air-sprung suspension design with dynamic damping capabilities that adjust to the vehicle load. This allows us to deliver a consistent and comfortable experience every time.

The XT pickup’s front-trunk storage areas are all about capability. With 18.5 cubic feet of storage, the XT boasts the largest front-trunk volume of any electric vehicle on the market today giving you the space you need for endless use case scenarios. The air suspension system assists with loading and unloading by lowering for easy access.

INTERIOR THAT’S READY FOR ANYTHING: Your work may take you into many different environments. Whether it’s sand from the construction site or mud from the fields, this durable interior is ready. The interior is designed to be comfortable, and packed with the latest technology to help make your life easier. We are leveraging haptic technologies to make our user interface more robust and more capable. These features will redefine the driver user interface experience by adapting the controls to different situations like parking or driving.


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