EV’s in Kenya

Electric Vehicles (EVs) offer a zero vehicle emission alternative to the combustion engine. In the recent past, several brands including the Government of Kenya have shown high interest in the EV Market. Electric vehicles have been widely accepted in the European and American markets.

However, EV’s haven’t been as popular in the African market until recently where eminent brands and companies include Autoproto Kenya, Nopia RideKengenOpibus,

Autobazaar is Keeping a Check on EV (Electric Vehicle) Evolution in Kenya. Many people are becoming aware of the importance and advantages of electric vehicles. This has led to businesses like a Hungarian company, Nopia Ride, to launch its fully electric taxi business.

Tax Reliefs

In a bid to encourage the commercial use of electric vehicles and lower the country’s carbon footprint, the Kenyan Government slashed levy tax on electric vehicles carrying more than 10 people by half to 10%. Additionally, importing an electric car is generally cheaper since there are no imposed taxes based on their carbon emissions. Such tax reliefs make it viable for car buyers to consider owning an electric vehicle instead.

Nopia Ride

Founded on 6th December 2017, Nopea Ride is a zero-emission ride service and that only uses 100% electric vehicles. Electric Vehicles (EV’s) do not produce any tailpipe emissions, rather offer CO2 emission-free mobility services also in Africa!

Nopea Ride is owned by EkoRent Oy: a Finnish electric vehicle rental and sharing company established in 2014. EkoRent Africa Ltd established 2017 is a subsidiary of EkoRent Oy for managing operations in Africa.

Most of the Nopia Ride fleet includes the Nissan Leaf 2013-2017.

Well to note that the Nissan Leaf battery charge from 0 to 100% takes about 45 – 60 minutes on our fast charger and about two hours with our slow charger. Topping up, depending on the existing battery charge level, may take anywhere from 5 – 20 minutes with the fast charger or 30 minutes – 1 hour with the slow charger. A fully charged battery gives you about 150 km operational range.


Opibus is the first Electric Safari Vehicle (ESV) in East Africa. We can nominate Opibus as the most advanced EV platform in Africa. Why this is So? Opibus have their own Drive Train to substitute fossil fuel-powered vehicle into EV.

Opibus Drive Train

Opibus Drive Train includes Primary and Secondary Battery Pack charged on 3rd Battery Box on Regular AC Outlet or dedicated Charging Station. On Power is an Electric Motor with more powerful torque.

At the moment Opibus has installed their Drive Train on Land Cruiser, Land Rover and Hiace



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