The Suzuki Samurai: History, Generations, Models


Suzuki Samurai History The Samurai was the first four-wheeled vehicle Suzuki, but its history begins nearly 20 years before the plucky little 4×4 made its way across the Pacific. In 1968, Japan’s Hope Motor Company introduced a small kei-class 4×4 with a 359cc Mitsubishi engine called the ON360. Suzuki bought Hope and developed the ON360 into the 1970 LJ10 (“Light Jeep”), also known as the Jimny. Suzuki introduced the second-generation Jimny in 1981, and in 1985 it began exporting the Jimny to other countries. as a 1986 model. Badged as…

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Its all EV Go for the Mazda with the New MX-30 Model

Mazda Mx30

It’s an all Go for the Mazda with the New MX-30 Model; with the first series of Mazda Electric car rolled out at the company Ujina factory in Japan. Mazda will be bringing its first all-electric vehicle to market soon in the form of the MX-30 SUV, which made its debut at the 2019 Tokyo auto show. The MX-30 is mainly for the home market and certain European market with the maximum car 200KM range being seen as inadiquate for the North America Market. The Mazda Crossover has a strong link…

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