Let talk about car reliability. On and when planning a car purchase,you must focus on the reliability of the vehicle.

If we take instances on car rating; considering the most reliable cars. All inclusive including exclusively the best models of modern manufacturers that deserve attention.

10 – BMW


Tenth place among the leading manufacturers of cars is the German car brand BMW. After all, the new cars of this company often break down. To fix some problems, you need to face a complex internal device.

As a rule, a car of this brand is a frequent visitor to car services. Over 80% of faults, users are forced to fix it with their own hands. Therefore, it is not the first year that experts award such German cars the last lines of the respective ratings.



A manufacturer of affordable workhorses, ranks ninth. Nissan cars have an excellent anti-corrosion coating. They eliminated the problem of excessive oil consumption, installed structurally simple and really reliable engines. But after the first hundred thousand run, problems begin.

The high costrepair manipulations repels buyers. Not every model is ideally thought out. Sometimes you have to disassemble most of the engine to replace the spark plugs. Due to the large number of shortcomings, Nissan occupy only the ninth line of the rating.


chto-luchshe-kia-ili-hyundai_11 (1)

In eighth position are these two brands. Such constructive and technological solutions in close cooperation have allowed Korean companies to claim high demand. But gradually, manufacturers again fell in terms of reliability.

Kia and Hyundai motors cannot be called a model of durability. There are many shortcomings and problems. The chassis does not compete with modern European model.



Rather expensive class are considered these cars made in Japan. Car owners are confident that the price of transport services, justifies itself. But executive hydraulics, as well as multi-link suspension, are serious problems for cars of this brand. Despite numerous amendments to the device of cars, Honda occupy the seventh line in the ranking.



When buying such cars, a person expects dynamics, luxury and a high level of reliability. But today, the longevity of Porsche cars is still far from the desired position. Of course, engineers tirelessly continue to work on vehicles. Therefore, the claims to the Macan and Panamera are minimal, and it is thanks to the above-mentioned two models that Porsche takes the sixth position.



Despite constant complaints about Subaru engines, Japanese cars occupy the fifth line of the rating. This is because:

Technical specificationsImproved
MaintainabilityIncreased many times
PowertrainsMade of new alloys
The degree of forcing motorsSignificantly reduced
Machine LifePromoted
TurbinesOne of the best

According to the criteria of reliability, they are really worthy of attention.

4 – AUDI


The well-known Volkswagen, of which Audi is a component, deserves to fit into this position. Although the Germans lost their demand for quality, they confidently hold the fourth line of the rating.

The most important step of experienced engineers was the use of an aluminum body. This gives the car longevity, makes it economical. The corrosion problem is solved, but there are difficulties in body repair. It will cost the car owner dearly. Affects the high price of cars.



This auto giant from Japan holds the third position in the rating, which will definitely not change for several more years. Bronze is worthy. Although in some nuances, reliability indicators are not perfect. However, in the study of the technical part and efficiency, modern experts deservedly awarded the brand the third line.

Today, Toyota has taken a step forward by creating durable automatic transmissions that are distinguished by wear resistance and durability. Car repair is simplified, and the high efficiency of all functions is preserved.



In second place was the Japanese company Mazda. It is a merit of persistent, well-coordinated work and an insatiable desire to become the best among the best. Entering the second position is largely due to the SkyActiv innovation. On its basis, many modern power units were built. The typical problems that used to be with electronics simply disappeared.

Maintainability, as well as transmission efficiency, has increased. Special attention deserved the appearance. Therefore, no doubt Mazda took the second position, although it could not lead the top. Meanwhile, such cars are considered one of the best. They are often bought directly in the secondary market. The reliability of Japanese vehicles is not lost over the years. There are no significant problems during the repair.



Leading the way among the most reliable cars is Lexus. Not noticing competitors in front of him, this manufacturer confidently goes towards success and set goals. The company’s transport is stylish and luxurious, high-quality and dynamic. They have virtually no competition. Impeccable electronics, superior gearboxes and motors. Fixed the possibility of a crash in various systems.

Today’s models will not encounter significant problems. Car repair is expensive, but owners of such cars rarely go to a car service center. Engines run flawlessly. The chassis is resistant even to harsh operating conditions, leaving no chance for competitors. Therefore, experts no doubt gave the first place to Lexus.

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